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Defense-applied telecommunications and computer dictionary
This telecommunications dictionary is a comprehensive book that covers all aspects both in the civilian field and in the defense and security fields: radio transmissions, networks, telephone, remote sensing (including radars), and electronic warfare (and cyberwar). Computer (and web) terms linked to telecommunications are also included in this dictionary; they are currently necessary to understand the telecommunications field.
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Electricity in your French house
If you own a house in France or if you are thinking of buying one, an understanding of the French domestic electrical rules and regulations is invaluable. Whether you wish to reassure yourself that the electrical system has been installed correctly, extend an existing system, or if you are considering a total renovation project , this practical guide explains in English the methods and materials used in a typical French domestic electrical installation. Also included are details about domestic communications regulations covering TV, telephone and internet systems. Throughout this indispensable guide, technical terms are included in the text in both English and French . In addition, the technical glossaries will help you to become familiar with these terms and will enable you to identify and purchase the materials required.
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